Cybertron's training services are tailored to meet the client's exact needs and jump start their business.  If you need to develop your own training materials, we have the tools, the facilities and personnel with the skills to produce the specific materials you need for your trade.  This service is particularly valuable if you need to train customers in the use of your products or services. It is also beneficial to educate personnel on company policies and procedures. 

Our Distance Learning techniques include multimedia demonstrations and interactive segments.  With our solution, it is both easy and inexpensive to train people at remote locations.  We produce interactive multimedia presentations for use on various players including DVD, PC and Web.

If you need specific help in areas where we are knowledgeable, we are also available to provide individualized instruction.  The instructor led training we offer is very cost effective, because it does not go strictly by the book.  It is designed to meet the customer's exact needs and fill in the gaps in their knowledge base.  Students in our classes can skip over parts they already know, and spend their time wisely by focusing in on areas where they need help.  We provide special attention to students that need a leg up. 

Following is a list of the individualize training we have to meet your needs.  If necessary we will develop custom workbooks on these subjects to meet your exact training needs.  Sessions can be conducted offsite at our conference facilities or at your location:

Windows 2K or XP Pro
Windows Server
Access / SQL Server
Visual Studio .Net
Visual Basic & OLE
Visual Interdev & ASP
MicroFocus *
Work Bench
Net Express
Server Express
Dialog System
Tool Box
MainFrame Express
Open ESQL & Database
Languages / Other
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
WordPerfect / Paradox
Java Script / DHTML
Macromedia Flash
UNIX Administration
Shell Scripting
Network Administration
Adobe Audition

Price: $100 per hour for tutoring.  $800 per day for more formalized training, which includes training materials and course samples. Add $100 per day for each additional student.  Each user is expected to have their own laptop or PC Workstation.  A deposit of $250 is required to secure a minimum of 2.5 hours of tutoring time.  Both classes and tutoring time must be paid for in advance.

All students receive a workbook for the course that they can use for future reference.  Curriculum can be individual tailored to meet your needs.  Typically these services are mixed with on-site consultation, which could include system configuration and setup.  Classes can be stretched out over an extended period and discounts are available when large blocks of time are purchase.  Deposit and one week minimum advance notice required on all classes.

Case Study:  On the first day we typically work together with management and system administrators to help them install and deploy the software.  Then we load their data repositories with there data, and tailor the training materials to match their exact requirements.  The finishing touch is a mutually agreed upon syllabus that allows the students to progress at their own pace.  

By adding in references to their systems and data they gain much more from the experience because we are working through real world examples rather than using canned test data that does not match up with their business requirements.  What they end up with when we are done is a decent reference for their system usage that can even be used to help them train new hires in the future.

Since ours is not a one size fits all situation, the training classes can be modified in length to accommodate any special needs.  We can lengthen them or shorten them as may be required.  Some clients actually prefer that they be shortened or intermixed with their routine, so their employees can return to work as soon as possible.  By intermixing the content with their work routine they actually get the most out of it because there is an expert is onsite to answer their more difficult questions.  Intermixing also gives me a chance to research their problems or review upgrades that may have been applied to their systems.

Instructors employed in other scenarios typically lack sufficient real world experience to respond to the difficult questions, and frequently hide behind rushed agendas with confusing content.  Their students find it difficult to apply what they have learned.  Ours students on the other hand have the highest retention levels, and typically are using what they have learned before the training classes are over.

Custom Training:  We would be glad to provide you with a quote for the development of specialized training materials including stuff not list here that may involve documenting in-house utilities and procedures, software you are selling, or the producing commercially viable training videos.   Cybertron has a complete multi-media product studio that can be used to capture audio and video training content, edit it down electronically, and press it to a menu driven DVD with attractive graphic content and commercial labeling.   We also have professional announcers among our associates that can give your training material that special pizzazz it needs to be recognized and sell commercially.

* Server Express, ToolBox, PVCS and Mainframe Express are only available for onsite sessions.  Not available to third parties.