It is the difference between being proactive and being radioactive.  At a one stop IT shop like ours, you will find a complete range of reliable computer solutions.  Not only do we compliment the human machine interface.  We make it complete.  We know how to stretch the envelop and move mountains.

We provide everything from custom programming, including code and data filters, to tutorials, network architecture and web services.  If it runs, we can trouble shoot it.  If you have the source code, we can fix it.  If you find the need, we can integrate it.  We know IT.  Cybertron has managed its customer's IT projects and provided turnkey solutions since 1994.

It should go without saying that the client's time is very valuable and they demand results, not excuses. That is why we are very practical with our engineering methods, which are built on more than twenty-years IT management experience. It is this knowledge base that gives us the ability to deliver solutions on time and within budget. We are able to build quality by knowing how to get from the proof of concept to a working model. In every step along the way, we strengthen relationships by eliminating surprises.  And, we stand by our solutions after they are installed by offering free maintenance, so your business will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

My time and that of my clients is very valuable.  We do not have time for excuses.  We are very practical with our engineering methods, which is built on more than twenty-years experience.  Qualified engineers like myself know that there is a big difference between a prototype, the proof of concept, and a working model.  We will help you manage, understand and deploy the technology to run your business smoothly and efficiently.