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Original Web Design Services and Pricing

The Web Site Builders entry level plan utilizes your portfolio or existing company brochure as a starting point to construct an online advertisement for your company.  It is a great value because we leverage your materials, our graphic library, and our design skills to give you a professionally designed web site and point of presence for the cost of a couple month's rent in a small office.  A Web Site Builder At Work Churning Out Web Pages A Web Site Builder At Work Churning Out Web Pages Best of all, you own the custom web site design.  During the process we will even create a simple logo for your company from stock fonts and symbols, or digitize your existing logo.  Use the digital logo on your business cards, letter head, and brochures.  You can even make use of our photographers and word smiths during this time to differentiate yourself and give you the competitive edge you need to be successful.

The methods we use make all the difference.  We can afford to be objective, where you may not.  Professional web designers like us know how to get the job done right the first time.  With over 17 years of experience, we know how to make quick work of what you may find costly and difficult.  Unless you like playing with this stuff, it is simply much better than the alternative.  Any one of the various tools we use could cost you between $200 and $3000.  Our digital SLR camera, pictured below, cost over $2,000 all by itself when you add in the cost of the lenses, flash, filters, tripod and other accessories.  That amounts to tens-of-thousands of dollars we have invested in tools and training -- money and time we could be saving you and your staff.

At Web Site Builders you will discover a level of quality designed to please the most demanding critic, because we have a large pool of resources at our disposal that is is constantly growing.  If you have issues with your graphics, our artists have the know how to quickly sharpen or soften images so the artwork on your site always appears clean, smooth and professional.   When we meet with you, we will workup a layout that best suits your needs.  Then we will publish it to your web host and/or provide it to you on a CD, when we are done.  We also keep a copy in our offices for archival purposes.

Experience has taught us that we can create a small original web design in just a few days.  We call this entry level service a Web Brochure.  The following basic services are available with Web Site Builders entry level web design service:

  • Review Existing Material
  • Create a web site design with menu selections for all your pages
  • Graphical layout and design
  • Create a Simple Logo or Digitize Your Logo
  • Professional Photographs of Your Facility and Personnel
  • Use of Materials from our Library including:
    • 4000+ Fonts
    • Pictures
    • Graphics
    • Animations
  • Prepare your site for the search engines
Web Site Builders Tool

You should be happy to learn that we use the finest equipment and tools available like the Canon EOS Digital SLR.  Click here to see one of our entry level sample sites.  Based on our experience this it takes at least one day to create an original web design for a small site, when all the materials are in hand.  Of course, your mileage may vary.

The next step up is the Name Brand level of service, wherein we craft a name for your business and design an ICON, called a Logo that people can use to identify with your business.  One of the Icons can be used on the web address bar as it was done on this site.  The Name Branding level of service is a bit more intricate, where as the entry level service is fairly simple.  Web sites with our name branding level service usually take several weeks of to complete, which amounts to a few thousand dollars and typically includes e-commerce or database development. 

During the process we study you, your operations, your market, your marketing efforts, your competition, and your offerings to say the least.  We use this assembly of information to design your name brand and company logo.  When we are done you will have a professionally developed company image that can be used on your letterhead, business cards, signs, TV adverting, print advertisements, brochures, and your web site. 

Your digitized logo serves as the focal point for the web design.  The sites we design revolve around your name brand and your ICON, wherein the information we collected during the discovery phase is used to architect and plan the web site development using HTML or a more elaborate Flash web design, which is often more expensive and commonly used on entertainment sites that need more pizzazz.  Either way you will get an impressive custom web design to identify your brand.  

These days a typical web site is more than just an advertisement or Public Relations promotional tool.  Now we are into second generation web sites, called Web 2.0, since we entered the new millennium.  Today's web site designs typically include dynamic elements that serve as an online sales tools.  Some of these items can make your web site less passive and more proactive.  Here are some things to consider when shopping for your online store wherein we can help you.

Emailed Newsletters, Flyers and Sales Brochures Blogs, Price Lists and RSS News Feeds
Graphics Menu with Original Buttons or Pull-Down Original Flash Intro with Slide Show or Graphics
Net Cash Register Shopping Cart Members Only Area - Restricted Customer Access
Animated Logo for TV, Presentations and the Web Custom Database Website Development
Search Engine Optimization and Submission Audio or Video Content for Your Web Site
Employee Portal/Dashboard - Restricted Access Obtaining a Federal Copyright for Your Material
Incorporating Your Company in Your State Federal Trademark or State Service Mark

Our premium level of service for corporations typically includes an Employee Portal, a graphically designed web site, domain name selection from an expert, branding for an original graphic logo with trade mark registration, search engine optimization and one or more of the other services listed above.  It should almost go without saying that our most satisfied customers are happy to pay us by the hour, because our rates are so competitive; and in that way, they get exactly what they want, when they want it, nothing more or less. 

When we are done, you can maintain the content on your custom designed web site using one of the web site builder tools we support including Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Web Expression, Adobe Contribute and Adobe Dreamweaver.  Netslinger.com delivers banner free Web Hosting with Grid computing for less than $50 per year.  You can install any application you want on the Dedicated Servers from Netslinger.com, which start at $70 per month.  We will setup your web hosting account and/or your SSL Certificates for free, when you purchase hosting and a web design service from us.  I doubt you will find a better deal anywhere else.  We also have the best price for Domain Registrations at only $8 per year.  That brings your total operating expenses for your site to less than five dollars per month -- the price of a cheap lunch. 

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