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Choosing the Web Site Builder That is Right for You

A Web Site Builder Working Web Page Design Framework A Web Site Builder Working Web Page Design Framework We have several Website Builders to choose from at Web Site Builders, hence why our name is in plural form.  If we design an original web site for you, we will build the frame work for each room in your web site.  Think of it like a house that has all the rooms framed out with the exterior, the roof, the windows and door installed.  We then fill in the interior up to the level you want, leaving you with something you can maintain yourself with one of our Website Builders. 

We will instruct those customers who are willing to work within the website design (framework).  In those cases, we will design page elements into sections of their website to make it easy for them to maintain it themselves without disrupting the framework, using the website builder or CMS (Content Management System) that fits their need.  The small business customers that can afford the software investment typically choose Microsoft Expressions Web®, which in its earlier form was called Microsoft Front Page®.  We recommend this tool, because it acts much like Microsoft Word®, which installs on their computer.  Installed software is more responsive and user friendly than online tools.  It also allows them to change the site on their computer, and review it, before publishing the changes online.  With the online tools, you may be working on a live web site. 

We also support customers who use other installed software like Adobe Dreamweaver® and Adobe Contribute®.  We also recommend that the user has a image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop® or something like it that has the ability to optimize images for the web.  Businesses typically also choose to get Adobe Acrobat Professional® so they can publish documents in their original form online.  We do not recommend using tools like Microsoft Publisher, because they were designed for paper media, and fair poorly with web content even though the manufacturer claims differently.

If you are interested we can also design your web site with one of our online do-it-yourself tools.  In this way we can augment your web design skills and abilities.  Then you can maintain the site content yourself, when we are done.

Our entry level offerings include SmartSpace, Online Photo Album, and Quick Blog Cast are designed to be used by virtually anyone.  No technical skills or know-how required.   Even a novice with no web design experience can master this tools.  We liken its ease of use to creating your profile on on a social networking site like Facebook®.  

We believe that SmartSpace is the fastest way to turn your domain into a web site.  It is perfect for businesses or individuals who need it now.  Just choose a floor plan and drop your content into the framework.  Smartspace can contain all your favorite content including photos, blogs, and videos. Plus with the integration of of SocialSpace into SmartSpace you can even display the latest content from your Digg account, Facebook® profile, Flickr® album and Youtube® channel. 

The next product up is WebSite Tonight®.  It features a wide variety of floor plans.  With over 1,500 templates to choose from in Website Tonight, you may have a hard time deciding on which one to use.  If one of these does not suit your style, Website Tonight also comes with a blank template so you can also design your web site from scratch, if you possess the web design skills.  This tool does require that you to have a photo editing tool like Photoshop and know how to use it to crop your images and optimize them for the web.

Web hosting is included when you purchase either SmartSpace or WebSite Tonight, which cost less than five dollars per month.  We also offer free web hosting with an advertising banner on top of your pages, when you purchase a domain name.  The free hosting plan includes your traditional freestyle hosting or our easy to use free Website Builder called Website Tonight It also includes free email, free photo album, and free blog casting amongst other thing not found elsewhere.

Both Smartspace and Website Tonight are online site builders.  At web site builders we also support site builders that you install on your workstation.  In fact, we can build it for you then, you can take care of it when we are done.  We will even train you on how to maintain the content on your custom designed web site using one of the web site builder tools we support, which include Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Web Expression, Adobe Contribute and Adobe Dreamweaver. 

Our banner free Web Hosting on the grid is less than $50 per year.  We will setup your web hosting account and/or your SSL Certificate free, when you purchase hosting and a web design service from us.  I doubt you will find a better deal anywhere else.  We also have the best price for Domain Registrations at only $8 per year.  That brings your total operating expenses for your site to less than five dollars per month -- the price of a cheap lunch. 

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