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Do You Rent or Own the Content on Your Home Page?

The Advantages of Owning the Source Code and the Original Artwork

Is your current web designer throwing your money down he drain? Is your current web designer throwing your money down he drain?
Are you throwing money away?  It is quite possible.  Most web designers do not share the original photographs or the source for Flash Animations, Graphic Designs, Database Designs and Dot Net Server Side Scripts.  Then again if you are using a do-it-yourself online web design tool, you are most likely in the same boat.  You may not have rights to the design of your site or any material on your site other than the original photos and text you contributed. 

With the site designs of others and with do-it-yourself tools you may also be stuck with the way elements of the site fit and work together, and discover that your site does not work as expected on the variety of browser created today.  See all browsers are not created equal and working with a developer who has access to all the source elements can make a huge difference when it comes down to making your site perform and look its best in all situations.   

Then you may ask yourself, does the result measure up to the time and money you spent building your web site?  Quite often web customers find they are left with unfinished work or bills from third party vendors for copyright infringement.  This is what happens when you use an unqualified web designer who does not own the rights to the work and is unwilling or unable to put everything down in a contract. 

This is how Web Site Builders distinguishes itself.  We put it all down in a contract that lists ownership of the result and the delivery schedule.  You will get the original artwork for your logo or other custom graphics, which you can resize to put on a billboard if you like.  We also provide you with the source code, upon request, for our Flash creations, which is not true of most other web designers. 

We encounter so many customers who are unaware that they are on the hook with their previous web designer, because they do not own the original pieces and have access to the source so they can modify it.  They may be even be unaware that their site is composed of pirated images, content and scripts, or the fact that they may not have the right to change it.  It is like the difference between leasing and buying a car.  Frequently they encounter added expenses to acquire the source or their data, which may be stored in a proprietary mechanism; or their web master may not be willing to share it with them at any price.  This is all to common a scenario when Flash, Graphic Tools, and Site Builders and Server Side scripts are involved. 

This is where Web Site Builders differentiates itself.  With our service you get the source code and the right to modify it.  There are no hidden costs to jump up and bite you later, or any question about the ownership of the result.  You can take the result with you.  You will receive all the elements necessary to change it later.

We think it is a bit unscrupulous to keep a client on the hook by holding back information, which is why we put it all on the table in the contract.  If those other designers were as good, they would keep you coming back because of good service, not because you were forced to do so.

A web site could be the most important decision for your business, and a costly mistake if you choose unwisely.  It is really not the kind of work you want to leave to an amateur or some moonlighter.  If you are fervorant about business results and your relationships, we are here full-time for your convenience and productivity. 

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