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Web-Site-Builder's Contract Negotiation Web-Site-Builder's Contract Negotiation Please feel free to contact us anytime by Email.  The web forms we use to send Email from our site are extremely reliable and effective.  Theses messages find us immediately, even when we are not in the office.  The forms we use provide three benefits:  1).  We can work within each other's schedule.  2).  They allow us to stay focused on our deliverables.  3). Spammers do not get our Email address, and as a result we do not get any SPAM. 

Could you be missing any of those important first email messages from your new contacts because of SPAM?  We never miss a message with our forms.  It is a small example of the special care we give our customers and the extra effort we make to solve problems and help our customers save money, which may involve easing the customer through a hosting, email or registrar change without any real interruption of service.

During our first meeting we will go over your contract and answer any questions you may have.  Sometimes it is not necessary to meet in our offices.  It is possible to work out all the details over the phone and via the Internet.  Either way, we will explain all your options in detail, and acquaint you with other service offerings that will help save you money and make things a little easier on you. 

So please hold off on making any other purchases until you have had a chance to talk with us.  Most likely we can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an assortment of services that you may need.  It would be a shame to discover, after the fact, that we could have saved you a bundle of money just on domain name renewals alone, not to mention the other stuff like web hosting, web design software, cameras and lenses, merchant services, shopping cart software, SSL certificates, PC support, network infrastructure and Internet connections.

58 Paces Meadows Lane  Dallas, Georgia 30157
Phone: 404.492.9946

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