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A Web Site Builder at Work A Web Site Builder at WorkWhy should you hire Web Site Builders to build your web site?
  1. We have over 18 years experience designing web sites and a reputation to protect. 
  2. It could be the difference between making a living and thriving, between getting by and making your fortune.
  3. Our web sites actually do work.
  4. We are honest, straight shooters, who deliver timely, reliable service, and put it in writing.
  5. You can pay the price to have it done right, or you can risk loosing your investment of time and money by going with someone else.
  6. It is more cost effective to have us do it than do it yourself or have it done by an in-house resource. 
  7. We find the best resources for the job, and shield you from the additional cost and potential liabilities of working with a moonlighter or having an employee.
  8. What we create is yours to keep, including Flash source code and server side scripts.
  9. The talent we hire builds extraordinary cyber real estate and original art that drives in business from the Internet.
  10. We have a long string success stories and the know how to build cash cows.
Just like an architect we consult with the customer to create the blueprint.  Then like the home builder we line up the specialists, supervise the work, and stand behind the finished product.  The balanced approach we use consistently produces a uniquely compelling web experience that turns heads and changes browsers into customers.  Part of our secret is in the data driven, dynamic content and reusable components we have in our library that makes us a cost effective resource.  Then there is our creative talent that knows how to determine your audience and design content that is on target. 

So ask yourself the following questions.  Does your web site:
     1.  Attract most of your new patrons?
     2.  Keep them coming back for more?
     3.  Seize opportunity when and where possible?

If not, you need to rethink your plans, perhaps starting with your company name and your web site address.  So much information can be conveyed with your name.  Where do we begin?  Then there is your company logo.  As you my know, people associate the name with the face.  So take a good long look in the mirror.  Remember that you can not be objective. It only a reflection.  The view you have is reversed and it could be further distorted.

So how do your prospective customers find you?  Today's shoppers are smart.  They use the Internet all the time to do research.  They expect to quickly acquaint themselves with your offerings and make efficient use of their time. 

It is well recognized that the Internet is the most practical form of advertising.  Visitors to your web site typically are for the most part ready to make a purchase.  The customer's activities on your site can be monitored and reported as a group or individually.  At Web Site Builders we are particularly well acquainted with the nuances of electronic merchandising.

Web-Site-Builders is particularly efficient at building web sites that are intuitive and easy to navigate.  We have a set of building blocks that we can customize to suit your needs.  We can create inducements that will get the customer to buy more.  Unlike our competition, we own the rights to the components we sell; and, with all our experience we have the know how to web enable existing applications as well having converted major BBS (Bulletin Board Services) over to the internet and modern databases over 15 years ago.

No job is too big or too small.  We helped pioneer much of the technology in use today.  Chances are, if you have a need or a problem, we can help.  We can even help you dream it up and create the blueprint for your project with tools like Visio.  It is all just a matter of how soon you want it and how much money you have to spend.  

To help you save money, we have over the past 15 years made several inroads.  We will hook you up with vendors who have libraries of artwork and photographs that you can use.  Our business is designed around a set of pre-constructed, customizable, easy-to-use products that will empower you.  For example, stuff like Net Cash Register, our Virtual Store, and  Appointment Register, can present your product and/or service offerings so customers can make orders or book time online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Members Register can put you in the drivers seat with an online directory and networking place for your professional association.  The included Email Blaster will help you build your Internet community and generate repeat business.  It is perfect for sending out News Letters and Flyers.  Add in the proposed Real Time Virtual Chat service and you will enable you to converse with your web visitors in more productive ways than you thought possible.  With all these developments, it should be obvious that we are constantly striving to make our customer's online space as real as possible while at the same time making them more productive and prosperous.

Web Site Builders is a full service Web Service Provider, Public Relations House, Graphics Company and Ad Agency.  We do more with our Name Branding efforts than just create original, digitized artwork for your logo.  We also do trade name searches, trademark registrations, and corporate setup.  You can rest assured that the image we created for you is uniquely yours to keep, unchallenged, within your industry sector.  

After sculpting your corporate image, we can apply ourselves to the marketing and advertising efforts that will generate the public awareness you need to get your enterprise noticed so you can succeed.  Then by automating your business processes with leading edge technologies, we can minimize your expenses, improve quality and maximize revenue so your business will operate smoothly.   

The individuals we employ at Web Site Builders are certified, degreed professionals.  Some are listed in the "Who's Who" for their respective trade.   Our principal, David Doyle James, is extremely talented.  He started producing radio commercials over thirty years ago, when he was only 16 years old.  He has two degrees from GSU: one in commercial music advertising and marketing and another in communications and information technology.  When he graduated from college, he went to work at IBM and created a kiosk with an IBM Personal Computer to introduce everyone to IBM's first retail outlet.  It was such a hit in Manhattan that it was a feature story on WABC-TV.  As it turned out, Internet Media is a perfect marriage of his various talents.

Our parent company, Cybertron, Inc., has been delivering Internet solutions since 1994.  In 1995 Cybertron contracted with Information America in Atlanta to deliver the nation's premier online data warehouse for the legal industry.  Cybertron has been developing industry specific tools for years and partnering up with companies like Microsoft and Macromedia to give our customers what they need to control their content.  

We find it very rewarding to leverage the customer's talents, because it enables us to engage more lofty pursuits.   In this way they get the most bang for their buck, and the best possible web site in exchange; and it is this provision for fresh content that keeps their customers coming back to their web sites for more...

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