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Web Site Builders Fee Schedule

Hourly Rates and Standard Fees

If you have an existing web site or you want a new one, we can work with you on an hourly basis or by the piece.  For the newbie we have a Web Site Starter Package, which is your typical online advertisement web site.  If you are interested in our service, you will get a signed contract from us when you make your deposit.  Web Site Design Blueprints and Calculations Web Site Design Blueprints and CalculationsDo the other webmasters you know provide you with this kind of assurance by publishing their fees and contracts on their web site so its all clear up front? 

Each one of our contracts is drafted to meet the specific needs of the client.  Our contracts specify what will be delivered, roughly how much it will cost, and who owns the result.  We also have experienced consultants, if you need more control and need specialized help.  In our experience, we have found that everyone seems more comfortable with the web site, when we put the design down on paper, because it sets their expectations in advance.

When it comes to web site designs, it is not so easy to identify with what you actually own, if anything.  We differentiate ourselves from other web design services by taking great care in the material we use, and by letting our customers know what is at stake.  To help us expedite the delivery of your service, we have developed several pre-built server objects that can be plugged into  web sites and customized to fit your requirements.  They include Member Services, Appointment Scheduling, Community Calendars and our Catalog Oriented E-Commerce System which is searchable by key word in combination with price, category or descriptive information; and, their is no limit to the number of items. 

Effective May 1, 2011

Hourly Rate Schedule:
Pay Grade Description Rate
Graphic Design:  Content Author, Graphic Designer, Photographer $60
Browser Programmer: HTML, JavaScript $70
Application Programmer: Access, SQL, VB, ASP, PHP, JSP, XML, Flashscript $77
Object Programmer: Java, Perl, DHTML, C++ or C#, Cold Fusion, COBOL  $90
System Architect  $100
Project Manager $110
New customers can start with an assignment as small as $100 by entering their request on a Work Order or a Purchase Order.  The minimum project to draft a Contract is $500.  Significant discounts are available for large projects. 

The rates listed are for services performed at our offices.  On-site hourly work runs 18% higher than work done at our offices.  Time is billed in quarter hour increments.  There is a one-hour minimum for work performed at your site. 

Travel time from our office to your location is billable when the assignment calls for us to be at your location.  Travel expenses are billed separately for assignments outside of the Atlanta Metro Area. 

Standard Fee Schedule:
Item Description Cost
Scan Graphic or Photo to Disk $15
Administer Domain Record $25
Capture Web Site and Burn to CD-ROM $45
Custom Web Site Banner $125
5 Page Design From Template / Month $50
20 Page Design with Header / Month $90
Local SEO with Inbound Links / Month $250
National SEO Organic One-Time Setup $2500

Software as a Service (SaaS) Per Month:
Net Cash Register - Online E-Catalog $29.95
Net Cash Register - Online Apparel Store $34.95
Net Cash Register - with Customer Login $49.95
Members Register - Pro. Assoc. Software  $49.95

Cost Estimates Based on our Experience:
Graphical Design - Avg. Cost per Page $100
Graphical Menu - Pull Down or Animated $500
Digital Logo for Web, TV and Print $500
Digital Logo with Original Typeface $1,250
Name Branded Site with Original Logo $2,500
E-Commerce Site with Original Logo $5,250
Cannon Digital SLR CameraSome of the larger ticket items may include having a photographer and journalist come to your site.  Sites containing an online catalog or appointment scheduling with existing technology and merchant services typically range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending upon the level of customization and your level of experience.  Interactive web sites with custom database forms, online reports and/or search capabilities can run significantly higher. 

It would help expedite your quote, if you would jot down stuff you like on other sites you have found and put this in your Requirement Description.  We need a comprehensive list of the things you want done in order to provide you with an accurate written quote.  Please note that a free quote it is not intended to be a proposal. Site Architecture, business consultations and design work are all considered billable time.

Please note that meetings in our office are by appointment only.  We do not take walk ups.  The free initial consultation is reserved for the decision makers.  The contact person listed in your Request for Quote should be a person within your organization that has the authority to execute contracts.  Contract talks should focus on price and functionality.  Be prepared to discuss elements of your contract at these meetings, which would include your site's aesthetic design, the required functionality, development milestones and our payment schedule.

It should come as no surprise, that payment is expected in advance of the delivery of a product or service.  Unless you establish credit with us, all assignments are initiated by making a deposit to a refundable retainer.   We work on an hourly basis drawing against the retainer according to the time reported on your invoice.  Money left in the retainer, when the project is over, is returned to the customer.


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