The Solution

An internet ready e-catalog, shopping cart, and point-of-sale product featuring:

  • Inventory Control and Accounting
  • Online Sales Reports
  • Email Blaster to Notify Customers of Specials
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Automatically Resizes Uploaded Product Images
  • Supports One of a Kind Items like Antiques
  • Unlimited Number of Catalog Entries
  • Ability to Upload and Download Catalog
  • Ability to Upload Images Directly from CD
  • You Customers Find What they Want Quickly with our Compound and Partial Search Capabilities including Search on Product Description
  • Configuration Controls for Credit Card Processing, SSL, Logo, Background, Color Matching, JIT Processing
  • Unlimited Product Categories and Groupings
  • Both Discontinued and Out-of-Stock Items
  • Configurable for Phone, Fax and Online Orders
  • Administrative Interface with User IDs for Function Level Security with partially obscured Credit Card Numbers for Less Secured Users
  • eMailed Sales Receipts and Invoices
  • Weight and Parcel Based Shipping
  • Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Supports E-Catalog and In-Store Only Items
  • Pickup or Delivery Option at Checkout
  • Collects Sales Tax
  • Includes Opt-In Email List for Marketing
  • Apparel Industry Plug-in (optional)
  • Point-of-Sale Register (optional)
  • Sales Tax and Reporting Authority (optional)

User configurable settings for company logo, contact info, fonts, colors, unit of measure, shipping charges, and sales tax.   It can also be customized to support an foreign languages and currencies.

NetCashRegister works with Microsoft® Windows® 2003/2008 Server and is built upon the performance and reliability of Microsoft's Access Data Engine, which is fully compatible and scalable to Microsoft SQL Server.  It was constructed using Java Script and Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) and VB.Net, which is supported by a broad base of Internet Service Providers.  Because it was built with ASP and VB.Net, which is extremely versatile and easy to use, the base product is very easy to enhance.

NetCashRegister accessories include a totally integrated Point-of-Sale system and Sales Tax Reporting.  It is perhaps the only system on the market that keeps track of inventory in real time as it integrates with point-of-sale transactions.  There is a an inventory out-of-stock setting on each item, which depending on the setting will indicate that an item is out-of- stock or remove it from the virtual store isles.  So when a customer buys the last item in stock at the brick an mortar store the virtual store automatically reflects the inventory condition by showing out-of-stock or by not show the product at all on the virtual store isles. 

With the NetCashRegister POS solution there no need to re-sync system inventory or make excuses for out of stock conditions.  It even can even be customized to integrate with your vendor's systems with XML on the internet to do JIT (Just-In-Time) orders and drop shipments automatically.

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